Body Donation Program Overview

The importance of body donation

The training and research this unique gift enables, can lead to important health discoveries that have the potential to alleviate suffering and improve community wellbeing. For this reason, it is greatly appreciated by medical researchers, teachers and students. The University of Wollongong offers a Body Donation Program to the public to help us train health-care workers and scientists including doctors, nurses, medical scientists, exercise physiologists, and other health-related professions.

Dignity, respect and anonymity

Donors are guaranteed that their remains will be treated with dignity, respect and anonymity at all times. Our students will be made aware of the special and unique privilege that has been accorded them by the generosity of donors and their families. Furthermore, our anatomical teaching and research laboratories are situated in a restricted area that only medical and health-related students and staff are authorised to enter and utilise.

Body donations and the law

To safeguard the rights of donors gifting their remains for medical education and research, state legislatures have enacted laws (NSW Human Tissue and Anatomy Legislation Amendment Act 2003, Anatomy Act 1977) which strictly govern the conduct of anatomy examination within facilities in NSW. Donors can be assured that the University of Wollongong operates its anatomical programs, including the Body Donation Program, with strict compliance to these legal requirements.

Last reviewed: 6 December, 2016